Rock Star Has Left Out Last Gen In Newest Update.

So it seems that there was a new update in GTA V that featured a place called Bennys Garage. All I am gonna say about this place is that is allows all sorts of new customazations to the vehicles that are in the GTA world. This garage was only available to the next gen players along with some new vehicles that where also added to the game. This leads me to wonder, is this the end of the last generations updates to the game? Is this all that they are getting? I have heard that this is there ways to force people to buy the next generation games. It could also be the fact that these updates are just to demanding for the last gen game systems to handle. I do not know what there reason for leaving the last generation systems behind. We will just have to wait for Rockstar to release information on this subject or wait and see if there is anything given to the last generation players.